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4 Great Reasons to Raise Your Family in a Small Town

The community where you choose to live in while raising a family can have a major impact on your lives in numerous ways. Regardless of whether you are starting a family or you are ready to make a beneficial change to improve your family’s quality of life, you may be thinking about relocating to a charming small town. There are numerous small towns that are home to great schools and beautiful homes that may be ideal for your family. However, it is important to weigh the benefits associated with small town life against the other options available in order to determine if this is the right move for you to make. There are several incredible benefits that you and your loved ones can enjoy when you relocate to a small town.

1- The Affordability Factor

Raising a family can be expensive. When you live in a large city that has a high cost of living, your family’s overall lifestyle can be impacted. You may be forced to live in a rougher area of time with a higher crime rate, or you may not be able to afford to send your children to quality schools. Perhaps you have limited funds available to have great experiences on the weekends or to travel on an annual vacation. On the other hand, when you choose a smaller town with a more affordable cost of living, you may be able to treat your family to a better quality of life. Having more wiggle room in your budget may improve your quality of life considerably.

2- Proximity to Big City Culture and Conveniences

Unless you live in a very rural, remote area, there is a good possibility that your small town will be located close to a major metropolitan area. A small town may not have exceptional museums, shopping opportunities, entertainment venues and more. However, you may have access to these different cultural venues and conveniences just a short distance away. This gives you the ability to enjoy the benefits of small town life and urban living. While you may be concerned about potentially being bored because of limited cultural and entertainment options to enjoy in your free time, you can see that these concerns may be unfounded when you choose to live in a small town that is relatively close to a metropolitan area.

3- A Close-Knit Community

It is easy to feel as though you are alone or rather isolated when you live in a big city. After all, many people may be around you, but they may all be bustling around to tackle their goals for the day. This can make you feel rather isolated, but it can also be stressful to live surrounded by so many strangers. Each small town is unique, but many have a close-knit community. You may eventually know many or even all of the people who live in your small town. Because of this, you may feel more comfortable and relaxed. You may even enjoy celebrating holidays, special events and more with your neighbors, and you may love the support that the community provides when people fall on hard times.

4- Minimal Concern About Crime

The availability of law enforcement may be limited in a small town, but you may have minimal concern about crime nonetheless. When you know everyone who lives in a small town, you can easily identify strangers. You may also know which of the local citizens you may want to steer clear of, if any. Because of this, you may feel more secure and relaxed in your hometown. You may also feel more comfortable when your kids are outside playing. Everyone in the community may watch out for each other, and you may quickly learn if something concerning does happen. This concern about crime extends to the schools that your children attend.

There are many wonderful communities where you could choose to raise your children. While an urban environment may not be ideal for many families, a rural idea is a wonderful idea. Remember that you can also choose to live in a suburban community if you are not comfortable with a rural or urban living experience. Carefully explore the options available to choose the right environment that you and your family can thrive in.

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