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4 Crucial Times to Call a Lawyer

Lawyers have an unfortunately negative reputation at cocktail parties and in office break rooms, but their legal expertise can be a true lifesaver in many situations. Most areas of the law are complicated, and there are various nuances that are almost impossible for the average person to know about. The law is also constantly changing, so staying updated about issues that are relevant to you can be even more complicated. Your general inclination may be to stay out of legal trouble and to shy away from lawyers, but there are times when the services and representation of an experienced, skilled lawyer can be a true lifesaver. These are some of the primary situations when you may urgently need the help of a lawyer.

Getting in Trouble with the Law

Most types of criminal legal trouble can have potentially serious ramifications on your life. Everything from a minor altercation with a rowdy neighbor to being intoxicated in public at a friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party can result in an arrest that remains on your record permanently. More serious issues, such as those involving assault, property damage, drugs, driving under the influence and more, will also remain on your record. These are issues that may result in time in prison, huge fines and other penalties. If you have gotten in trouble with the law recently, you need to hire the best criminal law attorney that you can afford. Remember that convictions may also interfere with your ability to rent a home, to get a job and to achieve other goals. In these situations, you need the best outcome possible, and expert legal assistance is essential.

Suffering From an Injury

Some injuries simply happen through purely random luck of the draw or even your own clumsiness. In other cases, injuries occur because of direct actions that other people took. These may have yielded intentional or unintentional injuries, but you have protection under the law for both types of incidents. If someone’s actions have directly resulted in injury, lost property or other serious effects, you may seek financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. This could be the action of a stranger, your doctor, a neighbor, a store employee or someone else. On the other hand, if you have caused damages or injuries to someone else, you may need legal representation to defend yourself in a personal injury lawsuit.

Planning for the Future

There are several specific instances when it makes sense to consult with an attorney about your future. For example, if you are preparing to get married, a lawyer can prepare a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets in the event of a divorce down the road. You may also need to prepare a will or revise it. While there are some do-it-yourself will software programs available, it may be best to sit down with a lawyer and ensure that all of your bases are covered. A lawyer can also set up a trust for you and assist with many other planning efforts.

Ending a Marriage

Many marriages unfortunately end in divorce. A prenuptial agreement signed before the marriage can protect you in this type of situation, but many people do not take this important legal step. Through divorce, all of your assets and your liabilities must be equitably divided. This may require you to liquidate your assets, such as your house. Selling cars, boats, stocks and more may also be required. In addition to placing your financial future at stake, your children’s futures are also at stake. The divorce will decide how custody is divided, where they will live, how they will be financially provided for and more. Legal assistance throughout the divorce process is essential if you want to protect your finances and ensure that your children’s welfare and livelihood are thoughtfully taken care of.

Life is full of uncertainty, stressful situations, mishaps and more. While the law is in place to protect your rights in these situations, the law may also be used against you in various ways. Hiring a lawyer in these situations can give you a better understanding about your rights and legal options. A lawyer can also represent you throughout the entire event.

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