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4 Crucial Items to Pack on Your Next River Rafting Adventure

While the weather continues to warm up this spring, river current begins to increase, which opens up new opportunities for exploration. Rafting is one of the easiest adventuring options that can allow you to further explore remote places from your own unique perspective.

Plus, there is nothing better than looking at large rocky cliffs and walls surrounding your fact. You’ll be able to get away from your family and crowds and bond with new friends. And you’ll be able to connect more with nature than being stuck indoors at home.

But, who says you have to stick with a raft? There are plenty of different boating options to choose from such as canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. There are even guided tours and inclusive private trips that you can explore on. In this article, we will focus specifically focus on river rafting and the four crucial items you should pack to prepare for your next trip.

1. Durable River Shoes

River shoes are necessary to get before you even get in your raft for some fun on the river. Unfortunately, slip ons and flip flops won’t cut it due to the safety hazards that impose on the water, according to New & Gauley. The best thing to put on your feet while river rafting includes durable shoes or sandals. Solomon creates amazing light weight shoes that dry quick and has good arch support. Teva, Chaco, and Keen, on the other hand, make sturdy sandals that help provide protection to your feet. However, if you don’t want to spend the extra money on these potentially pricey shoes, opting in for old tennis shoes are just as good.

2. Lotion

Wet conditions, along with sun rays and course sand can do serious damage to your skin. Having lotion in your day pack can help heal your dry or damaged skin to help soothe and freshen it for the upcoming day on the river. However, while you’re getting yourself some protective lotion, make sure that it has a good SPF to protect your skin from UV radiation as well.

3. Waterproofed Bags

If you find yourself not being able to fit all your items in your bags, to begin with, it may be time to invest in waterproofed bags. As cheap as it may be to opt in for a cheap bag to bring all your necessary items on your trip, a waterproofed bag will ensure your items don’t get wet. Not to mention, waterproofed bags are more durable and better for such trips as river rafting excursions.

When buying waterproofed bags, make sure you buy a daypack and a smaller bag. The daypack will be in charge of holding all your items you need for a day on the river, and the smaller bag will be reserved for anything else you decide to bring.

4. Towels

An obvious item that you should bring on your rafting trip, without a doubt, are towels to help you dry off after a day on the river. You should expect yourself to get wet on your river rafting trip, if you aren’t packing towels, you are nowhere near prepared. Plus, packing a couple dry towels can better suit you if you’re spending a few days rafting. Not to mention, you’ll feel much more comfortable after once you’re all dried off.

As fun as river rafting is, it’s important to pack smart and be prepared. It’s surprising how many people forget to pack the simplest of things that make all the difference during your trip. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you can pack better for your river rafting trip and show off your advance preparedness skills to your friends and family.

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