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4 Convenient Reasons to Have Granite Countertops

Every kitchen needs a set of countertops. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing a material for them, such as their price, resistance to scratches and other forms of damage, and the ease of keeping them clean. Each material will offer a different set of advantages and disadvantages, and making the choice comes down to picking the one that seems offer the best balance. That is often granite, and there are plenty of reasons that people tend to choose it instead of one of the other options.

1- Reduced Maintenance

Sheer durability is the most popular reason for choosing granite. It is a type of stone, so it is highly resistant to scratches. It also resists heat well, which makes it a great choice for use near a stove, in any environment where hot items might get spilled on the counter. Granite even does a good job of resisting damage from the majority of chemicals. While that won’t be a benefit in every home, the people who do benefit from it tend to prioritize it.

While granite is a porous material that can absorb and release fluids, most granite counters include a sealant that helps to prevent that. The sealant will act as a protective layer that makes it difficult for liquids to pass into the stone. That makes it easy to clean spills off of the granite and reduces the probability of spilled liquids causing any staining or other damage to the counter. That sealant combines with the natural durability of the granite to make it one of the easiest options to keep clean, which is an ideal choice for busy homeowners who can’t afford to spend too much of their time keeping the counter pristine.

2- Varied Appearances

There are a lot of different types of granite out there. The stone is a natural material, which means that its chemical composition can vary from one place to the next. That variance results in a huge number of different colors and patterns, all of which retain the same practical qualities because they can come from relatively small changes to the rock’s composition. The price of the granite will vary depending on the variety, so the sheet number of options also means that people can take their time and shop around to find one that meets their budget. On the other hand, people can also use that variation to invest in a premium variety that will stand out, draw attention, and possibly increase the overall value of their home.

3- Widespread Availability

Granite is one of the most popular materials, and it can be found all over the world in large quantities. That makes it very easy to find. Almost every contractor will be familiar with it and able to install it quickly, while almost every home improvement store will have a supply of it and all the tools that are necessary for a DIY installation.

The ease of finding granite also means that most people are used to seeing it in homes. That can be an asset when trying to a sell a building, since people are more likely to buy something that they are comfortable with than something that stands out and looks unusual.

4- Natural Design

Most of the latest trends in architecture and interior design focus on the use of natural materials. Synthetics are becoming less popular, and people are flocking to materials that require minimal processing before they can be put to use. That is largely due to the recent interest in green design, which is causing homes that rely on green materials to increase in value.

Granite certainly meets that requirement. It is simply a stone that has been quarried, shaped, and sealed to turn it into a useful surface. That means that it easily harmonizes with other natural design elements, such as potted plants. In contrast, many of the other, artificial materials will look a little bit out of place when they are in a home that relies on natural design. It is certainly possible to make that sort of contrast work, but it is much easier to simply start with natural granite.

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