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4 Common Tips for Maintaining Clean Carpet

Carpeting is expensive. You should, therefore, take measures to protect it from the daily wear and tear. Dirt and stains will cause damage if not dealt with promptly and thoroughly. Maintaining a clean carpet is no easy task, but if you follow the four common tips below, you can prolong its life and preserve its appearance for years to come.

1. Vacuum the Carpet Regularly

If you leave dirt and debris on your carpet for too long, they can cause extensive damage. Keep it clean by vacuuming it regularly. Clean it about twice or thrice in a week, and ensure you cover all areas especially ones that get a lot of foot traffic. Don’t forget to clean under the rugs and furniture.

Before start vacuuming, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet. It will absorb all the odors and leave your carpet smelling fresh. Concentrate your efforts in sections giving off a strong scent. Do not use carpet powders. Although they are supposed to get rid of unwanted odors, they end up leaving residue on the floor which can damage the carpet over time.

2. Clean Stains ASAP

Regularly vacuuming your carpet will take care of any dirt and debris, but stains can be a little bit stubborn. If a spill happens, you need to take care of it right away before it sets in. Apply your cleaner of choice and blot it out gently with a clean rug. Keep blotting until the spill gets dry and later vacuum the area.

Never remove the stain by rubbing it. It will not work, and you will end up rubbing the stain into the carpet even further. Stick to the blotting motions instead. Make sure the towel you use is neutral colored. Otherwise, you will get dye on your carpet. If you don’t have a chemical-based cleaner or don’t want to use one, a mixture of equal parts of club soda and vinegar will work just fine.

3. Protect the Carpet From Dirt and Stains

You don’t have to wait for the dust to accumulate or for spills to occur before you can react. Be proactive: Keep the dirt accumulation to the minimum and protect your carpet from inevitable spills.

Use rugs and runners to protect your carpeting from dirt and stains. You don’t have to cover all areas. Concentrate on areas where spills are likely to occur. For instance, you can place them beneath the dining table or where the children usually play.

Protect the carpet from pet urine by using repellants or training them to urinate outside. If you can’t find commercial repellants, you can use lemon juice, alcohol or white vinegar as repellant agents.

Always remove your shoes before entering your home. Wearing shoes inside the house will track in dirt from outside and leave it on the carpet. Encourage your guests to remove their shoes, too. Set aside a place near the entrance where people can put their shoes before entering.

4. Get the Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Even with all the protective measures and the regular vacuuming, your carpet is bound to get dirty over time. That’s why you need to engage a professional cleaner albeit occasionally. Twice a year is adequate. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned can be costly, but it is worth it in the end since it will help maintain the integrity of the carpet.

You can always hire a professional cleaner online. Ensure to read their reviews before engaging them. You need to make sure that they have a good reputation and that they will do a stellar job. Avoid discount carpet cleaners like a plague. They end up doing a quick and sloppy job and may leave soap and debris on the carpet leading to further damage. You only need this service twice a year; pay a little more for high-quality cleaning.

Maintaining a clean carpet is crucial as it will help keep its original appearance and prolong its life. Vacuum your carpet regularly to remove any dirt and debris. If stains occur, take care of them immediately. But before anything else, be proactive; take preventative measures to protect the carpet from dirt and stains. Lastly, engage a professional cleaner occasionally for thorough cleaning.

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