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4 Clothing Items You Must Get Tailored Before Wearing

For some critical pieces of your wardrobe, it will simply not be possible to choose an item off the rack at a clothing store and wear it instantly. Online shopping can make you feel like it is possible to instantly spot a great statement piece and then wear it, but having a presentable look is a bit more complicated. There are some pieces that require extra attention to detail when it comes to getting the proper fit. While it might seem like a pain to have to go to a seamstress to have these popular clothing items altered, the polished look you will enjoy can pay dividends in terms of your confidence and overall appearance. Take the time and money to get the following pieces adjusted by a competent tailor before you wear them out and about. 

1. Blazers

This rule goes for both men and women. There is nothing more unprofessional than seeing someone in a blazer with sleeves that are just too long. Even if your blazer sleeves are just slightly too long, this can look sloppy enough to warrant some unwanted stares. Blazer sleeves are not just something that you can roll up if you think they are too long. Many blazer sleeves have buttons at the edge of the seam, which means they will have to be removed by a tailor in order to shorten the sleeve. Instead of just trying to pin a blazer sleeve yourself, you should go to the tailor with your blazer to get the sleeves measured and then cut shorter. The angle of having to adjust the pins makes it very likely that you could make a mistake in deciding where to mark the cut for the tailor. It is best to just leave this whole process up to the professional for more precise results. The good news is a blazer is an investment piece that you should plan on wearing for quite some time, so the time and money you spend getting it tailored will be well worth it in the end. 

2. Pants

Many women make the mistake of thinking that they can get away with wearing pants that are a bit too long by just wearing higher heels. You may be able to get away with this in some situations, but the reality is that you may want to remove your heels at some point during the day. This will leave your pant legs dragging on the floor and looking quite unkempt. Avoid having to be self-conscious about this situation by just going to a tailor to have the hem measured and taken in. A good tip for the most accurate hem is to bring the shoes that you are most likely to be wearing with your pants to the tailor to wear as the hem is being measured. If you transition often between heels and flats, you may need to get a pair of pants hemmed that can specifically be worn with flats. 

3. Dress Hems

Do not make the mistake of wearing a long dress to an event that is going to cause you to trip. Having your long dress professionally hemmed will give you the confidence and peace of mind to enjoy your night out without having to constantly pick up the bottom of your dress because you are worried that it will catch on your heels. It is absolutely essential that you bring the shoes you plan to wear for your event to your tailor so that the dress is not hemmed too short. 

4. Dress with Invisible Zipper

Invisible zippers on dresses can wreak serious havoc on an evening out if they break while you are getting ready. They are not the sturdiest zipper option and can easily be replaced with a more reliable metal zipper to give you the freedom to get ready without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction before you even leave the house for the night.

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