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4 Benefits of Taking a Hunting Trip as a Bachelor Party

The popular image of a bachelor party is a bunch of young men getting drunk and doing things that the bride would rather they avoid, but that isn’t the only options. Hunting trips have always been a fairly popular alternative to the traditional party. They offer a significant number of benefits over the classic choice that can help to avoid conflict before the wedding takes place, cut down on the cost of the reception, and even help to keep the environment safe.

1- Environmental Protection

Most hunting programs do a lot of good for the environment, so a hunting trip is a great choice for an environmentally-friendly bachelor party. A large part of the benefit comes from population control. Humans have greatly reduced the natural population of predators in most areas, and hunters can take over their role in the ecosystem by keeping the population of prey animals at a sustainable level. Not every hunt fills a valuable ecological role, but many of them do, and it’s fairly easy for interested hunters to make sure that their efforts contribute to the greater good.

Hunting can help the environment even when the ecosystem is healthy because it funds conservation programs. Most hunters will need to purchase a license, duck stamps, or a similar document that gives them the right to take a certain number of animals. A large part of the cost of the license usually goes towards funding conservation efforts that would otherwise be too expensive for the government to support. Those programs are a powerful tool for preserving animal populations, even for species that don’t interest hunters. They can also fund nature preserves that shield the environment from pollution. The end result is a massive net gain for environmental conservation.

2- Saving Money

A hunting party is also a good choice for people who want to save money. While the hunters do need to pay for licenses, ammunition, and transportation, the total cost tends to be much lower than that of a traditional party. After all, ammunition is cheaper than alcohol, and hunters don’t need to leave an expensive tip for their prey. Weddings are expensive, so anything that can help to cut the cost can be a major asset.

Successful hunters can save even more money by serving their prey at the reception instead of paying for expensive catering services. The cost of catering is a large part of the entire cost for the wedding, and this can eliminate a large part of it. Guests can even take part in the cooking process, which turns the meal into an even bigger activity. It leads to a rustic charm that many people can appreciate, so won’t look like the hosts are trying to skimp on the meal to save money.

3- Avoiding Regrets

People who do opt for a traditional bachelor party sometimes live to regret their choice. The mixture of alcohol, encouragement from friends, and a wild atmosphere can easily lead to inappropriate activities. Those activities can lead to conflict in the relationship prior to the wedding. In extreme cases, it can even end the relationship entirely. There are very few future husbands who want to deal with that sort of problem or cause their future spouse to suffer, so it is often best to avoid the problem completely by opting for a hunting trip or other alternative bachelor party.

4- Staying Healthy

Planning a wedding is stressful, and that stress can contribute to health problems. Particularly health-conscious bachelors can help to counter that effect by picking a hunting trip. Most hunters find that heading out into the woods is a great way to get exercise, and they get even more if they need to carry deer back to their vehicle. Hunting trips that involve a lot of walking or paddling to get to the hunting grounds are even healthier, and can help to make sure that everyone in the groom’s party gets enough exercise before the wedding. It won’t have a huge impact, but every little bit helps, and the best way for busy people to get exercise is to merge their exercise program with something that they were already planning on doing.

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