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4 Awesome Proposal Ideas You Need to Consider

Proposing marriage is one of the riskiest decisions you will have to make because you can’t be sure of your beloved’s response. This is why planning a proposal can help sway their decision in your favor. If you’re planning on popping the big question and need some ideas on how to succeed in your endeavor, consider one of these awesome proposal ideas.

1. The Bookworm Proposal

For the special bookworm in your life, this proposal may very well be the perfect way for you to “worm” your way into their heart forever. This proposal takes some preparation beforehand. Purchase one of your favorite books. If you don’t have a favorite book, buy a book that might interest you just so your little rouse isn’t foiled by your observant partner. Halfway through the book, carve a small square hole into the pages. Set the engagement ring inside of this hole and use a bookmark to mark this particular page. Take your significant other to their favorite café. Offer to pay for their drink and a sweet treat. This type of normal date behavior will help them to feel comfortable and relaxed. During the date, tell them that you bought them a copy of your favorite book. Hand them the book and tell them that you’ve already marked one of your favorite parts for them to read. When they open the book at the bookmark, they’ll be greeted by the ring. Once they look away from the book, you’ll already be on one knee in front of them ready to confess your eternal love for them over books, coffee, and pastries.

2. The Scavenger Hunt Proposal

For the curious partner that enjoys a good scavenger hunt, mixing this beloved hobby of theirs with some clever romance will ensure that they’re ready to be your prize at the end of the hunt. This proposal idea requires that you have a good memory and have a backup plan should your beloved become lost on their way to you. Begin this scavenger hunt with a simple romantic note. Tell your partner to meet you where you first met. When they arrive at the place where you two first met, there should be another note with a clue leading them to the place you had your first date. After a journey to that place, a third note should be waiting to direct them to the place where you two shared your first kiss or intimate experience. At this third location is where you’ll be waiting in your nicest clothes with the ring. When they arrive, profess your love for them and pop the question.

3. The Murder Mystery Proposal

For the clever partner who loves mysteries and reading about real crime, this proposal idea is sure to steal their heart. This type of proposal can be arranged with a professional murder mystery company or arranged by you and a group of friends by hosting a private murder mystery party. Arrange to be the subject of the murder mystery, as in be the one who’s murdered. This will allow your partner to help solve your murder. Once your partner has solved your murder, or even before the murder is solved to add extra levity and romance to the situation, rise up from the dead and tell them that not even death can stand in the way of your love as you offer them the ring. There won’t be a dry eye in the room during this moment, and not just because of your untimely death.

4. The Adventure Proposal

If your partner is a free spirit, take them to a place where they’ll feel connected to the great outdoors. This will help increase the chances that they’ll recognize you as their soul mate. Pack two backpacks full of necessary hiking gear as well as romantic items such as chocolates, candles, and the ring. Plan a romantic hike by following these tips as you take your beloved deep into the woods to give your hearts to one another. Face a beautiful painted sunset while sitting on a blanket as you tell them to close their eyes. Kneel in front of them with the ring box as you tell them to open their eyes and watch their face light up with surprise and joy under the colors of a wild sunset.

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