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4 Advantages Solar Screens and Shades Have on Your Utility Costs

Energy utility costs take up a significant fraction of money in most homes. Relying on the windows, doors and other apertures only help homeowners save on utility bills to a small extent. Solar screens and shades have become part of modern house construction, having the capability of conserving energy more than awnings, interior treatments, and window films. In this article, we explore the advantages of solar screens in reducing your utility bills, but before diving into that, here are a few insights.


Cost Factors

Your expenditure on the screens highly depends on some factors. Size is the most significant factor and whether or not you prefer them custom-made. Solar screens meant for the doors are more expensive than the typical ones designed for the windows.


Best Installation Practices

Most homeowners install window attachments to dress up their homes and make the space more comfortable, rather than focusing on the function. According to the Department of Energy, shades and screens are the simplest and most effective way of saving energy. Proper installation is critical.


Mounting them close to a glass pane and right up an adjacent wall is effective in reducing the heat gain and loss. One needs to cover all windows facing east, west and south. Covering north-facing windows is not recommended as the amortization of solar energy on the windows takes a long time. Nonetheless, you may elect to cover them if they [north-facing windows] receive much glare from light reflections from adjacent structures.


Solar Screens and Shades Vs. Window Tinting

When compared to window tinting, window screens and shades are better in blocking and absorbing UV rays than tinted windows. They both prevent heat, but when it comes to absorption, screens offer a better option. Another strong point that they have over tints is that the latter is a permanent attachment, while screens can be rolled to let in natural light and enjoy the outdoor surrounding.


How Effective are Window Screens and Shades in Reducing Utility Costs?

Different homeowners are driven to install solar shades over other available window treatment alternatives. Here are the top benefits of solar screens.


1. Keeps the Home Cool During Hot Summer

Creating a cooling sanctuary in your home during summer is a challenging task. To create a cool environment comes at a cost. Solar screens are a viable option to prevent sun rays and its accompanying heat from entering the home. Manufacturers recommend them for window attachments because they can maintain your home at a 10-15-degree cooler. Besides, in winter, property owners can remove them and replace them with the standard shades.


2. Reduces Air Conditioning Costs

One important notion about solar shades and screens is that their phenomenon is driven by function rather than style. The attachments are meant to block sun rays and heat before entering the home. However, the attachment should not be a replacement for an air conditioning unit. They function together to create a pleasing cooling effect. An outdoor condenser for an HVAC can hardly cool the hot refrigerant in the home effectively. Having a canopy is an easy way of providing shade and keep it cooler, helping cut down on energy bills.


3. Protection Against UV Rays

Roller shades and soft sunscreens are not only stylish attachments, but also blocks virtually 95% of harmful UV rays, and absorbs heat. The major factor is the opacity of fabric. The less opaque the attachment is, the more they bring in light and the more they open your interior to the outdoor setting.


4. Protects Interior Furnishings and Equipment

Solar screens block sun’s glare and filter its destructive UV rays. This function is advantageous as they prevent damage to your interior furniture and décor. More often than not, we are compelled to replace a faded item because of the damaging rays of the sun. Installing solar screens is preventative maintenance that stretches the lifespan of your household stuff.


Introducing solar Screens and shades in a home is an expensive affair, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. In the long run, you’ll notice they have great economic significance as your annual savings on utility bills will drastically shoot.

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