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4 Advantages of Upgrading Your Vehicle’s Supercharger

If there is one thing drivers love with their vehicles, it is more power. Whether cruising around town or down an isolated highway, there is no better feeling than putting one’s foot on the gas pedal and feeling the vehicle accelerate with tremendous power and speed. But to take this to an even higher level, many people prefer to have a supercharger installed on their car or truck. A compressor which increases air pressure before releasing it into the engine’s cylinders, a supercharger can take a mild-mannered vehicle and turn it into one that is king of the road in no time. However, once a supercharger is installed on a vehicle, some drivers want to take it a step further and upgrade it even more. If this sounds like you, here are four advantages to upgrading your vehicle’s supercharger.

1- Easy Installation

If you decide to upgrade your vehicle’s supercharger, one of the biggest benefits is the process will be extremely easy to do, provided you know a bit about working under the hood of your vehicle. Unlike turbochargers that require extensive engine work to install, superchargers can be installed and then upgraded by simply using a few bolts to install it on the top or side of your vehicle’s engine. By doing so, if you want to make further upgrades in the future, having it installed in this manner will allow you to very easily maintain the supercharger.

2- No Delays

If there is one thing that irritates and frustrates drivers who have the need for speed, it is pushing down on their vehicle’s gas pedal and having a delay in acceleration. However, when a supercharger is installed and upgraded, delays disappear very quickly. Unlike turbochargers that almost always experience a slight delay between hitting the gas pedal and vehicle acceleration, superchargers don’t have this problem because they are directly connected to the crankshaft of the engine, allowing for immediate acceleration.

3- No Special Shutdown Procedures

Once you install and then upgrade your vehicle’s supercharger, you will no longer have to concern yourself with any special shutdown procedures for your vehicle. Able to be shut down normally because they are not lubricated by engine oil, they differ in this respect from turbochargers, which need a minimum of 30 seconds to shut down in order to allow the engine oil to cool down. However, it is important to remember that with any type of supercharger you install or upgrade on your vehicle, it is crucial you let it warm up prior to getting on your way down the road. By doing so, it will let the engine reach normal operating temperatures, resulting in the best possible efficiency for the supercharger.

4- Great Increase in Horsepower

If you have a smaller car or truck that you want to give a tremendous boost in horsepower to while riding down the highway, an upgraded supercharger can definitely do the job. By upgrading your vehicle’s supercharger, you will soon discover you have a vehicle on the road that runs, feels, and sounds like a vehicle that is much larger in size. One of the biggest reasons for this happening is that when a supercharger is upgraded, it tends to greatly reduce smoke from exhaust gases. By doing so, the extra air that is generated is thus pushed into the engine cylinders. Once this happens, the air inside the cylinders allows for quicker and more efficient combustion within the engine, leading to less exhaust smoke.

While initially purchasing and installing a supercharger may cost you as much as $2,000 or more, once it is done it will likely be a very durable piece of equipment on your vehicle for many years to come. Since it is so easy to install due to being positioned on the top or side of the engine, upgrades to it are much easier to do than those associated with turbochargers. Therefore, if you are ready to give your vehicle the boost in power you’ve always wanted, installing and upgrading a supercharger can turn your car or truck into a true powerhouse.

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