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3 Ways to Keep Cigars Fresh Longer

After receiving a box of cigars for Christmas, birthday, or any other special occasion, there comes a thought of how you will store them. You will have to devise means of how you will store them correctly. Keeping the cigars humidified is crucial, especially for those that reside in desert or cold weather climates. Too much air can spoil the cigars by drying.

The ideal method of preserving your cigars so that they remain fresh is to store them in a humidor. A humidor requires minimal maintenance so that it can keep your cigars in perfect shape for an extended period.

Perhaps the cigars you received were unexpected gifts, and you are not certain of whether you would want to start a collection. It may be challenging to invest in a humidor, but it doesn’t imply that you don’t want your cigars to remain fresh.

Fortunately, there are many viable alternatives that you can consider instead of humidors. These alternatives serve the same purpose. They are efficient and effective. However, before you decide to consider other options of cigar storage, you need to comprehend the role of a humidor. Also, you need to understand the necessary storage conditions that can be attained while having a humidor.

What are the ideal conditions for cigars?

Fluctuations in temperature or humidity can significantly affect your cigars. They won’t be able to burn properly and taste excellent. Ideally, 70 degrees and 70% humidity are the optimal conditions for cigar storage. A general range between 65-72% degrees and moisture are the most preferred conditions.

There is a common myth that has been around for years. It states that spongier or softer cigars are better. This is a major misconception. Cigars that are too moist or soft don’t burn correctly and host plenty of other negative issues.

In perfect conditions, the cigars should have a soft firmness that should be felt with a gentle squeeze between the fingers. The cigars should not exhibit too much firmness that makes the wrapper leaf to crack when held.

You should keep in mind that there are different types of cigars. Some blends of cigars are rolled too tightly or too densely. Others are rolled the way opposite; they are less tight and dense. Other brands are much softer when touched.

As a buyer, you should be keen on the condition of the cigar when you purchase. When buying from a reputable merchant, the cigars should be in the perfect shape and condition. This is the same condition that you should store them at your house.

If you don’t have a humidor, the following are three simple methods that you can keep cigars fresh for the longest time.

A humidification pouch or plastic bag

The most basic and most comfortable method to store cigars is to use a plastic Ziploc-Style bag. When purchasing a handful of cigars from a shop, they are always stored in a Ziploc Sleeve. The bag is effective in preserving the initial freshness of your cigars. However, the bag does this for a short term.

Apart from a Ziploc bag, a humidity source is required if you intend to preserve the cigars for more than just a few days. Additionally, cigar manufacturers wrap cigars using a cellophane sleeve, which is also beneficial to protect the cigars from any unwanted damage when displayed on the shelves or when shipping.

Sponge and Tupperware Method

If you reside in an area where there isn’t a cigar shop to get a Ziploc bag or cellophane sleeve, you can resort to rudimentary methods. You can get a new kitchen sponge and distilled water. Place them in a Tupperware container together with the cigars and then snap the lid. Only use a section of the sponge; you don’t want to over-humidify the cigars. Implement a hygrometer to check the levels of humidity.

Wooden box method

Most premium cigars come packed in decorative wooden boxes. However, the majority of them don’t function as a humidor. Most wooden boxes are manufactured with a seal. As a result of this, humidity can easily find a way inside. You only need to find a cellophane sleeve and wrap the exterior of the cigar box to keep the cigars protected and fresh. But, don’t rely too much on the cigar box for cigar freshness.

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