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3 Ways to Make the Most of the Space in Your Storage Unit

Storage units can be very convenient, but sometimes they may give you unnecessary headaches. Things would be much easier if you could just toss everything inside and be done with it. However, this is a bad idea especially if you will need to access some of the things once in a while. The following tips will help you make the most of the space in your self-storage unit.

1. Keep it organized.

You may be tempted to throw everything in haphazardly to save time. But being a little bit organized may save you a lot of space. It will also make it easier to locate stuff when you need them. The things you’ll need to access more often should naturally be at the front while dust gatherers should be at the rear.

Organizing the storage unit into sections may also help. Pack the related things together. For example, you can have a school stuff or art supplies section. Arrange the items neatly in boxes and label them in large print to make it easier to locate what you need. Make sure to mark boxes carrying fragile items such as glassware, lamps or picture frames to avoid unnecessary accidents.

You can break down the sections even further. For example, for your school stuff section, you can have a box dedicated to books only. Use organizational methods that are easy to remember, e.g., alphabetically or by genre. Creating an inventory list of everything you store is also an excellent idea. Make a map detailing where each item is located to make those future visits easier

2. Pick the right facility

Nobody wants to get ripped off, so it’s normal to settle on a storage facility offering the lowest price. However, choosing a storage facility on the basis of price alone may not be the brightest of ideas. Cheap is expensive, and there are some things you just can’t afford to compromise on.

The first is accessibility. Having a storage unit all the way across town does not make much sense. Find a storage unit nearby so that you can access your items whenever you want. Ensure that the facility provides extended hours that align with your schedule. The safety of your belongings is also crucial. The facility should have enough security measures to guarantee the safety of your items.

Some of your items may be vulnerable to extreme temperatures. For example, wood furniture may warp when exposed to extreme heat conditions. Some of the storage facilities are environmentally controlled. The units will stay cool during the summer and remain warm during the winter. Picking such facilities will keep your items safe from the vagaries of weather. Pesky pests such as rats can also damage your goods. Find out whether the facility offers pest control services.

3. Use shelves in the storage unit

Although the U-shaped formation may help clear floor space, you should consider other methods to make most of the vertical space in the storage unit (which is usually 8-feet tall). Shelving is one such method. Wire shelving, in particular, is very convenient. This type of shelving is available in a broad variety of sizes. It can hold a lot of weight, and its shelves are easily adjustable. You can also disassemble it quickly if need be.

Before putting in the shelves, however, take time to measure the area of the storage unit, i.e., the length, width, depth and height. Consider using metal rolling racks since it’s easy to adjust their position within the storage unit. Remember you will need to carry the shelves with you when leaving the storage unit. You can use the metal rolling racks when storing or stacking things permanently in your home; so they won’t necessarily go to waste.

In conclusion

Stacking your storage unit to the brim is not a good idea especially if you intend to access the items in the storage unit now and then. You risk destroying belongings or suffering injuries while navigating the storage unit. That is not a small price to pay for being disorganized. When we need more space, our first instinct is usually to find a larger space. However, it is cheaper and more convenient to organize your stuff in a manner that conserves space.

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