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3 Types of Critters Trying to Get Into Your House This Winter

The winter months are a time of the year when nature slows down and prepares for a deep rest. This process is important for allowing the Earth and its many animals to revitalize and refresh themselves. Animals such as rats, mice and flies spend the winter months living inside of your home. Keep reading to find out how these nasty critters try to get into your abode and what you must do to stop them.

Critter 1: The Rat Invaders

No one likes rats. These pests are detestable because they represent filth, trash, hopelessness, poverty and despair. Rats are virtually not welcomed everywhere they go. Rats are on the move during the summer. They’re mating, breeding, eating and settling into abandon buildings, garbage filled environments and people’s home. Rats love organic matter. They can smell it miles away. They’re attracted to the waste material. If you have an old home, chances are it will be invaded by filthy rats.

Pets on Moms states that rats usually look for places inside of homes that is hidden away from people. They’re also fond of garages, sheds and crawl spaces. The truth is that rats will try to get inside of any place that is warm and comfortable for them. While they don’t hibernate, their activity slows down significantly during the winter months.

You can use cats, pesticides and traps to get rid of rats. If you stay in a rundown area, it would be a good idea to have at least 2 cats to guard your home from rats. Many rats will stay away or at least be cautious of a home that has pets. They know that cats and even dogs will stop them from getting comfortable in your home.

Critter 2: Mice Love Peoples Homes when it’s Cold Outside

Okay, we just discussed rats and how they like to get inside of a person’s home to stay warm. However, we need to take a look at mice and why they try to get inside during the winter months. Mice are similar to rats, but they are not the same thing as rats.

Mice are rodents in their own class. They’re smaller than rats and they are more aggressive. By nature, mice prefer to live outdoors. However, they will go inside when the temperatures are too cold for them to handle. Mice prefer to live in the attic and wall spaces of a home. They also live in people’s kitchen areas or in their rooms.

Once mice get inside of your home they can quickly multiply. However, you can keep these pests under control by using cats (and dogs) to control their movement and entry. You can also utilize traps and pesticides for these creatures. Mice can also remain inside of your all year round but become more active during the winter months.

Critter 3: Squirrels in your Attic

Squirrels will try to enter your home during the winter months. They’ll do this to avoid the cold. They will also target a home if they are not able to build a nest outdoor in a tree. Keep in mind that squirrels prefer to live out in trees. Lincoln Park Zoo states that these creatures cache food inside trees near their dens.

Squirrels will invade attics and even garages to make their dens. They will also store food near these makeshift dens. No squirrel cares if they are ruining your home while trying to stay warm in the winter. Squirrels are disease ridden animals and they can mess up your attic area. These tree climbing rodents will spend very little time in basements or running through a person’s home. They generally are attracted to food sources that are naturally found in nature. So, they will store up nuts, berries and other natural goodies to consume.

Squirrels are normally eliminated with traps and poisons. Cats and dogs are not that successful at getting rid of these creatures. However, they can disrupt a squirrel’s environment once it has been discovered. Squirrels, rats and mice can all be kept out of your home during the winter months with preparation and close monitoring.

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