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3 Things to Regularly Check on Your Roof for Proper Care

For any type of building, there is no part of it that’s more important than the roof. While made to last anywhere from 20-30 years or perhaps even longer in some cases, the fact is eventually a roof will start to develop problems. Therefore, it’s crucial that you check your roof on a regular basis to ensure all is well. For those folks who choose to ignore this important part of home maintenance, the result is often a leaky roof that winds up doing substantial damage to the home and costing thousands of dollars to repair. If you’re looking to avoid this situation, here are three things you should regularly check on your roof to ensure it’s getting the proper care it deserves.

1- The Health of Your Shingles

If you really want to know if your roof is still in good condition, take a close look at its shingles. For many roofs, if the shingles are curling and buckling, it’s definitely time to think about getting the roof replaced. To make the best assessment, climb a ladder and look at the parts of your home that receive direct sunlight. If the shingles are curling and starting to lose their granules, chances are it’s time for some roof repairs, since this means the roof is either defective or well past its life expectancy. Additional information about this can be found here.

2- Roof Valleys and Missing Shingles

Along with checking to see if your roof’s shingles are curling and buckling, it’s also important to pay close attention to missing shingles and what’s known as roof valleys. Roof valleys, which are formed when snow and rain flow along certain parts of the roof into the guttering and downspouts, are some of the most crucial parts of your roof and should be checked on a regular basis. If these areas begin to become compromised due to wear and tear, the first sign will be missing shingles or ones that are becoming loose and falling off the house. When this happens, you’re almost always going to wind up with a leaky roof, which could have a large repair bill coming your way. And along with this, while looking at the roof valleys and missing shingles, pay even more attention to the shingle granules. In addition to them winding up in the guttering, you’ll also be able to notice trouble if you have inconsistent or darker colors on some areas of your roof. If you think this is happening to your roof and want some additional information, take a look here.

3- Chimney Flashing and Roof Boards

While the shingles are obviously very important to the health and well-being of a roof, so are the chimney flashing and roof boards. One of the most common places where leaks can occur, the chimney flashing should be checked on a regular basis to ensure no leaks are happening where the chimney meets the roof. For most chimneys, the flashing consists of tar or roof cement, which eventually will wear out and allow water to leak through the roof. To keep this from happening, a metal flashing system should be used instead, which is a long-term and water-tight system that should last for decades. And while the flashing is being checked, pay attention to how the roof boards feel when they are being walked upon. If the roof has a spongy feel or resembles bouncing on a trampoline when stepped on, it indicates the underlying wood is weakened from moisture. If this is the case, go into the attic and look to see if any daylight shines through the roof boards, and also check to see if the insulation is wet as well. If any of these are found, plan on getting a new roof.

By checking your roof on a regular basis, you’ll be sure to keep it properly maintained and avoid unexpected repairs that could wind up costing thousands of dollars. Whether it’s examining the roof for curling or buckling shingles, checking to see if the guttering is filled with granules, or if the roof feels like a sponge, these important steps will help any roof stay in great shape.

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