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3 Reasons Tiles are a Better Alternative to Conventional Flooring

Tiles have become common in recent times, and this is because of the benefits that they offer compared to the standard flooring that was in use there before. Ceramic and porcelain are among the most common materials used for making tiles. Here are the three reasons why tiles are an excellent alternative.


Any building owner will want to use components that will last for a long time and this, in the end, will cut the maintenance costs that they will incur. Floors are the part of the building that withstands different forces that cause them to wear and tear. The forces range from one pushing a table across the floor to supporting an extremely heavy drawers placed on the floor. Even the walking action causes wear and tear to the floor. Tiles are durable compared to the conventional flooring that was in use before. For example, pushing a heavy item across a wooden floor will certainly destroy it unless a floor tile. They are made up of a durable material such as ceramic, and these can withstand all these crushing forces.

However, it is critical that the installation and maintenance of tiles are done properly depending on the material used to make the tile. During installation, the contractor should ensure that the tiles lay flat on the floor and they align perfectly with each other. Maintenance of the tiles just involves cleaning. When cleaning the tiles, it is critical that non-acidic and non-abrasive products are not used.


Tiles come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. It is one important aspect of tiles that make people choose them over conventional flooring options. They also come in basic shapes and different sizes that one can use to cover any floor. The basic shapes are squares and rectangles. The basic shapes make the floor tiles similar to a puzzle. You can put them together in different patterns to come up with the desired pattern. An example is using black and white tiles to come up with a stripped pattern floor by placing the white and black tiles and alternating intervals.

Tiles can also adopt the characteristics of conventional floors that people like. For example, some individuals loved the look of conventional floors such as the look of wood. However, it is not possible to use a wood floor in areas which have high moisture. It is because the wood will rot quickly. It is possible to produce tiles that have characteristics similar to those of wooden floors. For example, manufacturers can make tiles that have patterns and color similar to wooden floors. Therefore, the person loving the wood look but lives in an area with high moisture would be able to get the look in their house by using the tiles.

Tiles are Healthy

Tiles are very healthy options for use on floors compared to conventional flooring choices. Firing of the tiles at high temperatures in kilns is an integral process in their production. The firing ensures that they do not carry any volatile compounds that can cause health problems to the users. Also, most of the common materials used for making tiles do not cause any known medical conditions. For example, ceramic materials used in the making tiles also makes dining plates, and this means there are no health concerns.

Tiles do not absorb material compared to other conventional flooring options such as carpets. Other alternatives absorb moisture, bacteria, and fungi. The bacteria will get there by simple daily activities such as walking with shoes used outside. It is hard to clean a carpet compared to tiles and this with time can cause health conditions such as infection. Therefore, tiles are a healthier option.

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