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3 Reasons to Fly in a Private Jet

Flying in a private jet is an option that should be considered when making trip plans. The choice between flying a private jet and a commercial jet has changed over the years as flying in a private jet recently has become considerably more affordable and accessible. Three reasons to fly in a private jet that will be covered in this post are increased luxury, reduced flight time, and increased affordability.

Flying in a private jet is generally a much more luxurious experience than flying first class in a commercial jet. Private jet seats are usually very high-end leather recliners with more leg room than first class seats. The configuration of the plane can be changed to passenger needs. If a passenger would like an area for a presentation or a poker game, the jet can be set up for such requests. Certain requests can be made in a private jet that can’t be made in a commercial flight such as asking for a jet with mattresses or a bartender as an additional crew member.

On average, private jets are generally younger than commercial planes. Also, there are no restrictions in baggage on private jets. Liquids such as alcohol can be brought on the plane. The choice of meals is also much more extensive when flying private. For most private flights, passengers can choose the menu and options are extensive such as steak, sushi, lobster, or vegetarian dishes.

Restaurant food from the immediate area is also usually offered on private jets. Mobile phones can be used throughout the entire flight; usually, good Wi-Fi is also offered. Passengers can request movies from an extensive list. If the plans of the passengers change, the destination of the flight can be changed as well.

The second reason to fly by private jet is that there is a reduced flight time by flying private. When flying in a private jet, passengers can board jets from their cars. Security and check-in take a minimal amount of time as there is no x-ray machine, baggage-weigh-in, or security inspection.

In private airports, there is no waiting for other passengers, and the cabin crew can close the door and take off after passengers enter the plane. With private airports, passengers can arrive to their plane and take off within 15 minutes. Passengers do not have to go through customs and usually only have to show the pilot their passports when boarding.

When arriving at the destination airport, passports can be stamped without waiting in a long line. Security at the destination is also minimal for private jet fliers. Passengers can save many hours taking a private jet compared to a commercial airline.

The third reason to fly private is the increased affordability of flying by private jet. Flying by private jet is usually more expensive than flying by commercial airline; however, the price of flying by private jet has become a lot less expensive.

One of the reasons for the decrease in prices of private jets is the new private jet offering of pay by-the-hour programs. These programs are prepaid in the same way a debit card is prepaid. Passengers would pay for a fixed number of hours or a dollar amount. Passengers would then use those prepaid hours or dollars for their plane flights.

A popular company that is owned by Warren Buffet that has made private jet flights much less expensive is NetJets. With fractional ownership, passengers buy a share of a plane with a two to five-year agreement. For these new less expensive ways of flying private, if the group of passengers flying is large enough, flying private can actually be less expensive than flying a group of passengers by first class commercial.

Here is a good article that has some detailed comparisons of private jet programs. The article covers the best jet programs for different interests such as best for peak days, best for world travel, and best for short hops.

There are many advantages for passengers to fly in a private jet. Considering the potential time savings and new private jet programs that increase affordability, private jet travel is in many cases a better option than commercial first class air travel. If you are interested in learning more about the economics of actually purchasing a private jet, here is an article that explains the economics.

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