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3 Inspiring Ways to Propose

One of the most important milestones in any relationship is the proposal. At this point, you are certain that you’ve found the one. However, you want to make your proposal special, romantic and memorable. These are three inspiring ways to propose to your significant other.

1. The Sudden Ring

The sudden ring proposal is not the most common, but it’s a great and romantic way to surprise your fiancée. The best part about this proposal technique is the sheer level of flexibility it provides; no matter where you are or how you plan to propose, you can plan for the sudden presentation of your engagement ring.

For the greatest surprise, you will need to enlist help from other people. Bring your fiancée to dinner and have the chef stash your engagement ring somewhere in your fiancée’s meal. The restaurant may ask compensation for the extra services, but the surprise factor is highest in a public setting.

Alternatively, you can prepare a sudden ring proposal on your own terms. For example, you can give your fiancée a random gift and hide the engagement ring under the wrapping paper. It’s important to hide any trace of the ring’s box. However, when your fiancée does find the engagement ring, you should still get down on one knee and follow through with the usual proposal fare.

2. The Vacation Proposal

Vacations are a popular but risky time to propose. There are many variables that can complicate your perfect proposal plans. If the atmosphere is right, however, vacation proposals can look like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

On vacation, it’s important to link your proposal to a memorable event. In a tropical locale, tailor your proposal for the beach or the water. For example, one man cut a deal with the manager of a scuba diving company and proposed to his fiancée underwater. These are the tricks that make vacation proposals memorable.

When you’re on vacation, you’ll already be taking a lot of pictures. This will give you even more incentive to photograph your proposal; if possible, get other people involved to take pictures of you and your fiancée. A selection of great pictures will give the excitement of the proposal more longevity. Also, remember that location is a huge factor in the vacation proposal.

3. The First Date Recreation

Last, first date recreation is one of the most romantic and thoughtful ways to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. The idea is to propose on a date that closely mirrors your first date with your partner. This might bring you to a restaurant or nightclub that you haven’t visited in some time.

The best part about recreating your first date is the memories your fiancée will be thinking of. You’ll have a terrific opportunity to get sentimental and talk about how much you’ve grown as a couple. Then, you can pop the big question with style. This type of proposal is much classier than skywriting or other unoriginal methods.

Holiday proposals — especially on Christmas — are similar to first date recreation. Since you likely have many great holiday memories with your partner, proposing on these days will remind your fiancée of your journey as a couple. That’s what makes first date recreation a strong proposal option in the first place.

Overall, these are three inspirational ways to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. The point is to strike a balance between a sentimental, romantic and memorable proposal. Each of these three options provides room for creating a proposal that your fiancée will cherish forever.

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