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3 Inspiring Ways Bacteriostatic Water Will Improve Your Health

Bacteriostatic water is a type of water that has been treated to make sure that no bacteria can grow inside it. There are a few different ways to produce that water, but most of it simply contains a small amount of benzyl alcohol, which is sufficient to prevent bacterial growth. While most of the water is used for medical treatments, there are a few advantages to drinking it regularly as opposed to relying on traditional tap water or even most bottled waters.

Avoiding Bacteria

Most bacteria thrives in water. While it is true that almost all drinking water in the developed world is treated to prevent problems with bacteria, those treatments are not always perfect. Accidents happen, and some bacteria can get through. Bacteria can also grow in the water after the treatment process, especially if gets stored in a pitcher or another exposed environment for a few days.

The purpose of bacteriostatic water is to make sure that no bacteria can develop in the water after it has been treated. In most cases, the water is distiled prior to the treatment, which ensures that it is as pure as possible by removing all contaminants, including bacteria. The bacteriostatic treatment then works to prevent new bacteria from entering the water.

That makes bacteriostatic water perfect for people who want to make sure that they do not drink any bacteria with their water. Since bacteria are responsible for most waterborne diseases, that can make the water safer to drink, particularly in areas where waterborne diseases are a common problem. It isn’t always necessary to stay safe, but it adds another layer of protection that many health-conscious people value.

Boosting Water Consumption

Water is vital for health, and most people don’t drink enough of it. People who live in warm environments, or who exercise regularly, need to drink even more than normal and are more likely to be dehydrated than the average person. That means that anything which can encourage people to drink water can lead to a significant improvement to their health, particularly among the people who are most at risk for dehydration.

Bacteriostatic water is one of the tools that people can use to encourage water consumption. Many people think of water as a basic drink that doesn’t provide any particular benefits when compared to those that are formulated for health. That isn’t entirely true, since pure water is quite healthy, but the belief persists.

Bacteriostatic water avoids that problem because it has been treated to make it healthier. That causes people to perceive it as a healthy beverage, and makes them more likely to drink it. This effect is particularly large in areas where people have reason to believe that the local tap water is impure. In these cases, providing the bacteriostatic water will increase the amount of water that people consume, which gives them the significant health benefits of proper hydration.

Encouraging Cleanliness

While some bacteria can get into the water supply from external sources, many people who get sick from their water get exposed to bacteria that grew inside of their bottle. The bacteria has an opportunity to grow when the bottle does not get cleaned often enough between uses, or when water is allowed to stay in it without getting replaced for too long. Bacteria can grow fairly quickly, so it isn’t unusual for people who reuse water bottles to expose themselves to contamination, simply because few people wash their bottles as often as they should.

Bacteriostatic water prevents bacteria from growing, so it can help to combat that problem. It is possible for bacteria to grow in any part of the bottle that does not get exposed to the water very often, such as around the rim, so it can’t completely eliminate the need for cleaning. However, it can greatly reduce the need for regular cleaning, and it can ensure that the bacteria stays confined to the rim and other parts of the bottle that are relatively easy to clean. That makes it a valuable safety tool, especially for those people who want to save time without damaging the environment by using too many disposable bottles for their water.

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