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3 Inspiring Reasons to Have a Dog

Dogs have been unmistakably referred to as man’s best friend. Having and living with one can be such a delightful experience that gives you numerous benefits. A well-trained dog is such a good companion as well as being your first line of defense where necessary. A loyal dog not only gives you company but also cheers you up whenever you are socially demotivated. Living with one brings liveliness in the house, especially since some dogs can even become your playmate. Surprisingly, you may not know, but there are some uncommon inspiring reasons as to why you should consider having a dog.

A dog is a lively friend

A dog is such a lively friend that you can ever have. If well trained and handled, a dog can give you the necessary company you need in times of loneliness in the house. The companionship of dogs go extra miles as far as making you happy is concerned. Good dogs know when you are depressed or unhappy, and can sometimes engage you in some games and activities in the house or in the compound that can generally rejuvenate your moods.

Besides, a dog can also actively befriend your children, especially during their young age when they are learning to walk. Such children can engage in hyper activities within the compound such as running after each other or even playing catch and throw games with your playful dog. The sound and scene of a dog playing with your baby can be such an adorable and pleasant experience. The fact that dogs easily befriend your friends such as your family members can also come in resourcefully when helping keep the children busy so that you can attend to other matters.

The mere thought of having a lively dog at home can also relieve you of stress when leaving your workplace to go home. The emotional friendship and attachment between yourself and your dog helps improve on your emotional lifestyle in ways that human friendship cannot achieve. It also helps relieve oneself from anxiety while promoting emotional growth and development. Therefore, as far as being a man’s friend is concerned, a dog can be considered more than a friend to you.

Protecting us

Different dogs are trained and specialized for different purposes. While pet dogs stay in the house, some breeds are specially trained for physical protection and the first line of defense against intrusion. Such dogs are specially trained to detect intruders after which they can raise the alarm for you to take the necessary action. The protecting role of dogs goes beyond our physical homes to battlefields and national security protection matters where dogs are used by policemen to help sniff out contraband goods such as bombs and drugs.

In the house, a dog can be such an adorable agent of protection for yourself and your children. When dogs have a special bond with you and your children, they can understand your emotions and instances where you are at risk or in pain. This quality can come in so handy when helping ensure the safety of your children. Some dogs can even detect the moods of your children in the house and bark whenever they think that your child is at risk of injury. Such level of protection and precision comes in handy in helping secure your family.

Dogs get us active

Having a dog in your family can also help you become physically active. Dogs are normally very fond of being walked around the neighborhood. Walking your dog a few miles a day is healthy, both for yourself as well as for your dog, in terms of maintenance of physical activity and wellness.

In most cases, a good dog will let you know whenever it needs to be walked around since it starts being restless and running around the compound. Taking your dog for such a walk gives you a direct benefit to your body as you get to exercise more often than you would do if you didn’t have one.


Owning a dog is inspirational in various ways. In addition to protecting you and your children from intruders, a well-trained dog can be such a good friend; a companion that would always be there for you. Provided you give your dog the necessary physical, emotional, and therapeutic attention necessary, your dog will always be loyal to you while making your life and house so lively.

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