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3 Helpful Tips for Moving Cross Country

Very few things are as stressful as moving. A move of any sort means many changes in a person’s life. Anyone who is moving will need to move every single thing they own somewhere else. A person who going to move often needs to make challenging changes in many aspects of their lives such as moving their children to a different school district and adjusting to a new commute. Even a relatively simple to another nearby town can take a great deal of time and effort. Moving across the entire country is even more challenging. If you are planning a long distance move, you will typically face a long list of things to do before and during the move. However, careful planning will make your move far easier and certainly less stressful. Be mindful of the details before your planned moving day. This way, you can relax and enjoy your new home once you’ve finally arrived.

Stuff You Don’t Need

Moving can be very expensive. This is particularly true of long distance moves. Keep in mind that you have rights as you move including the right to a licensed and bonded moving company. A great mover will provide a list of moving costs in advance as well as any additional costs. One of the best ways to keep moving costs down is by reducing the number of items that need to be moved as you head to your new life. Start by examining everything you own. Haven’t worn that shirt in two years? The wedding present your great aunt gave you that you never use? Donate it or hold a garage sale and sell it. The old bed in your attic that you never use? You can also donate it or simply recycle it. You’ll accomplish several things at once this way including decluttering and decreasing your overall moving costs. Bring only the things that you really cherish with you to your new space. You’ll also spend less time worrying about your things as your cross country move continues.

Know Your Route

Even a short move across town can be highly complicated and require a great deal of highly intense planning. Highway traffic may impede your ability to get to your new apartment quickly. Unexpected road work can lead to your items sitting in a truck and exposed to the elements. This is especially true when it comes to moving across the country. It’s a good idea to map out every single part of the route well in advance. If you’ve never been to your desired destination before, take the time to examine the route you’ll be taking. Note rest areas that allow you to take a much needed break. Keep in mind sections where you may need to follow complicated directions. Make sure that you have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. For example, moving during hurricane season can be particularly unpredictable. Unexpected storms may pop up and make travel harder. A good backup plan lets you change your planned route with ease no matter what obstacles may lie in your path.

Pack Really Carefully

When you move a long distance, your items will stay in transit for hours and even days. You need to make sure your valuables are protected during the move. The right packing materials are crucial. Think about all the items you are bringing with you. Large items need to protective materials that will shield each part of the item against sun, humidity and moisture. Smaller items such as picture frames and fine china also need careful packing. Your packing materials should have lots of padding and be as sturdy as possible. Use other items you are moving as packing materials to reduce clutter. For example, your heavy clothing can be placed in the moving boxes and help add an extra layer of protection as the move continues. If you are using a moving company for the long distance move, work closely with your movers. They can offer suggestions about how best to pack your items so they fit in the moving van and will not shift or break even if you encounter large potholes along the way.

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