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3 Essential Fashion Pieces Every Young Career Woman Should Own

1- A Good Bra

When starting out in your career, it’s easy to neglect hidden parts of your wardrobe, even though they too can be considered an element of fashion. Additionally, for many women, a well-fitting bra is the difference between good posture and a clean line in a blouse or a slump posture and a lumpy button-down. A properly fitted bra can make a world of difference for your confidence in your new job, and should be considered as essential to you as the shoes on your feet.

A well-fitting bra does not mean you should splash out on an expensive label. What a ‘good bra’ means for you is simply that it fits your unique body comfortably, meaning that the cups are neither too big nor too small, and that the band is snug enough to provide support but not so tight as to cut into your flesh. The best way to sort this all out is to meet with a fitter, often at a local bra boutique. Fitters, as a rule, do not charge for their services and are happy to work with any budget.

2- A Suit

No, this does not mean that you should automatically head to your local department store and buy a trouser suit off the rack in black or brown. Sunrise Brands said, “Consider your unique circumstances when considering things like cut, style, and color.” Though a suit can be essential if you work in an office environment, it’s also a good idea for anyone. You can mix and match the trousers and skirt and jacket to create a multitude of outfits. As suits are generally a solid, neutral color, they also provide a good foundation if you’re into minimalism or capsule wardrobes. Even if you’re a more is more sort of person, a well fitted suit can provide you with a bit of polish that can turn a t-shirt into a shell and a jersey dress into pop of color underneath a tailored jacket.

Fit, again, is more important than the price tag. It’s important to know that any suit can be altered at your local dry cleaners or tailors, oftentimes for less than a large pizza. Look for a suit that fits the widest part of your body, has adequate sleeves, and fits without gaping in the jacket, as well as trousers or a skirt that fit your shape. Length and waists can be altered. A suit is a blank canvas, so think of possibilities when trying them on! The suit you might reject on the hanger might ‘suit’ you perfectly.

3- A Bag

Many young professionals have been carrying a book bag or tote bag for their schooling or internships. One young woman carried the same bag through high school, college, and graduate school, carting it across countries and over oceans. When it came time to graduate, her bag told quite the story and was crying out for replacement.

A professional job, however, means that whatever you’re doing, you’re responsible for something. A bag that suits your work and your needs is the often first step to organization and getting out of the door on time and getting home in time to do whatever it is that keeps you going. Your bag can be your command station for an increasingly busy and interesting professional life. Again, be mindful of your budget and your needs, as the it bag of the moment might not be it for your sense of style or your daily life.

Additionally, your bag might be an opportunity to inject a bit of your personality into your wardrobe at a reasonable cost. Have fun with shape, color, pattern, texture. Conversely, the bag you choose might be an investment piece. A bag can be a statement piece or a nondescript wardrobe workhorse that can glide effortless from season to season. What matters most is that your bag makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day, knowing that whatever your work throws your way, you’ve got it in the bag.

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