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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Kitchen’s Look

The kitchen is the soul of your home. Being a major selling point, it shouldn’t look just like any other ordinary space. But most of the time our kitchens look boring and outdated. While everybody would love to have a dream kitchen, not everyone can afford one. Remodeling can help your kitchen look up to date and functional, but in case you can’t afford such luxuries, here are three inexpensive ways to improve your kitchen’s look.

1. Light It Up

When most of us step into a kitchen, the first thing we do is to look up at the ceiling to check out the lights. It is therefore important to have stunning light fixtures over the breakfast bar, the island and the sink.

Light accessories such as chandeliers and pendants will not just brighten your kitchen space; they will also spice up the mood. Standard lights that are installed in most homes and rentals tend to be uniform. But you can mix them up to create an exciting twist and to give your kitchen space some personality.

If pendant lighting seems to old school for you, you can bring your kitchen back to the modern age by replacing these lights with LED/CFL lighting or recessed alternatives. The former is cheap, and installation is straightforward. Recessed lighting may cost you a little bit more, and you might need to hire an electrician to install them for you.

2. Color is Everything

The perfect color combination will help accentuate the look of your kitchen. Use bold colors on your counters, ceiling, floor and walls. Even a small thing such as a dishcloth, which would often get overlooked, could spark interest if it had a bit of color.

Apart from adding beauty and warmth to your kitchen, colors can also change perception as far as the size of the kitchen space is concerned. For instance, lighter colors tend to draw our eyes up thus making the ceilings appear higher.

If you use lighter colors on the walls and cabinets, it will immediately brighten up your kitchen space and make it look bigger and more expensive. Light colors are also good reflectors. They, therefore help in concealing many mistakes including scratches, dents and dings in your cabinets.

White is a perfect color option. When you use it on countertops, cabinetry, walls and the ceiling, it creates an illusion of a seamless space devoid of edges and boundaries. Painting everything white can make things feel sterile. Use various shades of the color and different textures to break the monotony.

You can give your appliances that stainless-steel look whether they are stainless steel or not. By using a stainless steel finish, you can update the look of appliances that are still functional but are giving your kitchen that old look.

3. Remove Your Cabinet Doors

Remove your current cabinet doors and replace them with glass-paneled ones. If your shelves are not worth displaying, choose frosted glass. You can even get rid of the doors entirely and adopt an open shelving look. To add a bit of interest to the room, you can display some of your favorite dishes and bowls on these shelves.

Take advantage of the opportunity to update you drawer’s hardware. Don’t think for one second that they won’t get noticed because they’re small. Replacing the handles and knobs on those drawers can help create an eye-catching look. Go for upscale pieces that will stand out but which are pocket-friendly too.

If you have a lean budget and don’t like the open shelve look, consider refinishing or painting those cabinets. It will be less expensive than buying new ones. Additionally, it will not just spice up the look of your cabinets; it will also improve the appearance of the entire kitchen. Don’t go for weird colors though. Keep away from bright hues especially.

The kitchen is arguably one of the most essential rooms in the house. It needs to look stylish and up to date. You can spice up its look by investing in a remodel, but such renovations usually cost a lot of money. Luckily, you don’t have to spend everything you have to improve the look of your kitchen. The three steps outlined above, though simple, will go a long way in transforming the look of your kitchen.

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