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10 Money Saving Tips When Shopping for Your College Dorm

If you’re going to college, then you know that the flow of money might not be like it is at home unless you get a job or have scholarship money. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind when you begin shopping for your college dorm. The best time to begin shopping is when the summer season begins as you will often get the first choice of the things that stores put on the sales floor.

1. Although there will be things that you want for your dorm, try to look over these and only get the items that you’ll need. There will be plenty of time to get the items that you want once you move into a larger dorm on campus or move into an apartment or house.

2. Download apps that can help you save money. There are coupon apps as well as rewards apps that will pay you to shop by putting a percentage of the amount spent back into your bank account. You can also download apps that give you information about deals in stores that aren’t advertised.

3. Find our from the college what you’re not allowed to have in the dorm. This can save you a good bit of money that you might spend on things that you think are approved but aren’t allowed. Many colleges will send a list of the recommended items to your home over the summer or post a list on the school website.

4. Some stores offer discounts and special offers to college students. Avoid these deals as much as possible because you usually have to buy something else in order to get the discount. Some of the items are actually marked up in price to make it seem like you’re getting a good deal when they put a percent sign with the amount.

5. Find used items from people who go to school with you. Many students who graduate in the spring have sales to get rid of the things that they don’t want to take back home or that they no longer need for a dorm because they are moving to a larger home or back home with their parents. Another option would be to look on bulletin boards on campus to see if anyone has anything that you need.

6. Share some of the necessities with your roommate. Items like a refrigerator, a large storage shelf, and a microwave will usually be shared in the room. Put your money together to get these items so that neither of you spends a lot of money.

7. Take a look at the items that you have at home or that you already have in your dorm room. If you have items that you can use the following year or semester, then don’t get anything new. This tip will save a lot of money because you might go shopping for items just so that you can get something new. Instead, use what you have until it no longer serves a purpose, selling it to someone else if possible.

8. Find a few videos online that give instructions about how to make some of the decorations for your room instead of buying them. You can also find tutorials about how to make colorful storage containers using simple items as well as videos about how to decorate everything from your headboard to your closet door.

9. Thrift shops should become your friend when you begin shopping for college dorm supplies. You can find many items that can be refurbished for pennies on the dollar. These stores also have clothes that you can get without paying a lot of money, some that are name brands.

10. Get items from siblings who have been to college. If they don’t offer, then ask for them. Your siblings will probably have the exact items that are needed for your dorm instead of things that will take up space or that you aren’t allowed to have. However, don’t get items that have a different school logo on them if you aren’t going to the same school they attended.

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